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Research institutions rely on our expertise to guide them in all areas relating to underwater excellence

MRC’s Focus on Research Institutes

MRC operates as a unique advisory body for research institutions working in areas related to the underwater domain. As research within this field expands, our network ensures access to knowledge and facilitates collaboration among researchers from diverse areas of expertise. By providing operational guidance, strategic advisory services, and fostering networks, MRC assists its members in navigating best practices amid the rapid advancements in the underwater domain. 

MRC also actively supports dialogue frameworks among allied bodies involved in related fields of underwater domains, creating a robust platform for research organizations to listen, learn, share, and network. In doing so, MRC leverages the comprehensive UDA framework alongside our mantra of Outreach, Engage, Sustain to deliver tangible results.

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Our Mantra

As the first step, this phase enables sensitization of the audiences towards the opportunities within the Underwater Domain. This is executed with strategic outreach program comprising of webinars, seminars, workshops, interactions and more driven by specific agenda relevant to the audiences and allied stakeholders.

At this stage we ensure adequate handholding to facilitate skill building and creation of adequate knowledge to drive momentum. With help of alliance partners and our deep knowledge experts, we ensure transfer of skills and attitudes required for future success.

At this step, the focus is on creating long term sustainable frameworks with effective policy & technology interventions at multiple levels. The implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Best Practices (BPs) play a strong role in ensuring that stakeholders are able to sustain the momentum required to deliver sustainable impact in areas related to the Underwater Domain.

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Our Contribution

We love to do industry relevant research that contribute towards real world problem solving and generate competent human resources.

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    The Maritime Research Center (MRC), Pune is a not-for-profit, Section 8 company registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC), as Foundation for Underwater Domain Awareness.

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    The conventional approach of each of the stakeholders pursuing their own UDA* efforts has serious limitations given the highly resource intensive field experimental research initiative required for a long period. Click here for more