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MRC’s Corporate Membership Program

Offers infinite opportunities to build long term-quality relationships.

Youth connect

You, the youth, are our future, leaders and innovators. Our initiatives offer you the opportunity to achieve impact and take the helm as you transition into future leaders.


Innovative organizations don’t follow the crowd; they lead it. From start-ups to MNC firms, we have enabled organizations to unlock innovations in the underwater domain.


To survive and thrive through corporate turbulence we have helped large and mid-size companies to identify and take to market, innovations that make a difference- to society & their bottomline.

Policy advocacy

Our structured and sequenced plan of action can enable you to initiate and realize frameworks and policy changes to usher a better, brighter future. Together we make the difference.

Foreign Firms

India is an unmissable market with tremendous future potential. Our networks and advisory provides the necessary wherewithal to smoothen the road for your company to flourish.


From the NEP 2020 to alignment of newer vocational & skill based learning- we support academia in identifying & fulfilling the needs of the modern workforce wrt underwater domain specializations.

Research Institutes

In the dynamic ecosystem rife with tech disruptions, research institutions rely on our expertise to mentor and guide them in all areas relating to underwater excellence.


Our support to various Indian & international platforms enables us to play a key role in helping societies articulate a regional voice on environmental priorities in the underwater domain.

Skilling Ecosystem

As lifelong learning moves from theory into practice, we aid specialized bodies in defining & delivering their upskilling & reskilling programs in everything related to the underwater domain.


From assessing your current ESG performance to planning your ESG programs we partner enterprises throughout the process to ensure seamless delivery of defined goals.


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Skilling Ecosystem

Write a short description, that will describe the title or something informational and useful.


We love to do industry relevant research that contribute towards real world problem solving and generate competent human resources.

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    The Maritime Research Center (MRC), Pune is a not-for-profit, Section 8 company registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC), as Foundation for Underwater Domain Awareness.

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    Address: Maritime Research Center, Koregaon Bhima, Pune, Maharashtra – 412216
    Email: director@maritimeresearchcenter.com

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    The conventional approach of each of the stakeholders pursuing their own UDA* efforts has serious limitations given the highly resource intensive field experimental research initiative required for a long period. Click here for more


    Nir Dhwani Technologies

    The ocean, representing over two-thirds of the world’s surface area, is one of the least explored domains. At Nir Dhwani, we strive to change this status quo in collaboration with all stakeholders related to the Underwater Domain. Our approach to turnkey projects is holistic. Our focus on multi-disciplinary interventions enable customer organizations to transcend operational silos. Our unparalleled strength in acoustic signal processing deliver technologies, products and insights to unlock the potential of our Blue planet in a sustainable manner.

    Trusted Partner with MRC
    Bharat Electronics Limited

    Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is an Indian Government-owned aerospace and defence electronics company. It primarily manufactures advanced electronic products for ground and aerospace applications.

    Trusted Partner with MRC